IAE 80 South

The Next Chapter in 2041’s Mission to Preserve Antarctica

On December 4th, 2016, Robert Swan will embark with an exclusive team of international explorers on the latest chapter of 2041’s mission to preserve Antarctica: IAE 80 South. The expedition will take them to the Union Glacier basecamp at the 80th parallel, 600 miles from the South Pole. Here they will spend 6 days exploring the nearly untouched Antarctic landscape, as well as testing out a series of revolutionary renewable energy systems.
The expedition begins in Punta Arenas, Chile, where the group of explorers will meet and prepare for their journey south. From there, they will fly 4 hours across the Drake Passage to the base of the Ellsworth Mountains. Here, they will land on a naturally occurring blue-ice runway on Union Glacier and begin their adventure. Over the next 6 days the explorers will engage in team dialogues ranging from leadership, public speaking, sustainability and the preservation of Antarctica as well as going on daily excursions to some of the most majestic natural landscapes in the world. They will also be working side by side with NASA and renewable energy representatives to test out new equipment and technologies.
This expedition will lead up to the 2017 South Pole Energy Challenge in which Robert and his son Barney will be trekking 600 miles on foot from Union Glacier to the South Pole, surviving solely on renewable energies. The technologies tested on IAE 80 South will be the same ones Robert and Barney will rely on to stay alive during their strenuous journey to the South Pole. IAE 80 South will play a crucial role in determining how these systems will function in the extreme, unforgiving environment of the Antarctic.
Calvert is proud to partner with Robert and 2041 to help make this mission possible. By sponsoring Robert and filmmaker Mark Leisher on this journey towards protecting the last pristine continent of Antarctica, we hope to promote a more environmentally conscious world as well as the advancement of sustainable technologies. We look forward to playing our part in this unparalleled feat of environmental achievement.