The Expedition

The IAE 2016 voyage has returned and we’re excited to share the stories of our Calvert-2041 expedition team. After 13 days, each explorer has come away with a unique experience from which they’ve gained a new perspective; both on climate change and the role renewable energies play in helping to curb the dramatic changes to the Antarctic and the rest of the Earth’s environment. Watch the videos below to meet our explorers and get a look at their experiences on this journey of a lifetime.

The Departure

Meet our IAE 2016 explorers (Gelareh Kiazand, Adila Wahdat, Avani Awasthee, and Payton Marie Sierra) as they arrive at the departure port of Ushuaia, Argentina. They explain some of their initial thoughts, feelings, and expectations on first leg of their 13-day adventure to the world’s last great wilderness, Antarctica. As they cross the notoriously unpredictable Drake Passage, they look ahead to what’s to come on this exciting adventure.

The Antarctic Peninsula

Our team reaches land and gets their first glimpse at the Antarctic Peninsula. Watch as they explore places like Deception Island, Portal Point, Ronge Island and more. The explorers get a chance to see some of the wildlife and even take a swim in the icy Antarctic waters.

Expedition Recap – Bringing Back Change

On the final leg of the trip, the girls reflect on the experiences they’ve had and how the 2041 IAE 2016 Expedition has inspired them. They explain what they’ve learned and start to shape their plan of action for when they return home to help bring a message of sustainability to their communities.